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Meeting Architect Podcast

Aug 24, 2020

On this episode, Brenda is joined by Guido Guzzo, Client Solutions Director at Encore, and Desmond Lomas, Global Sales Director - The Howes Group.

Guido, Desmond and Brenda have a great discussion about digital events, past, present and future. They also discuss the evolution of digital meetings from being a "one-way valve" to a more interactive experience. 

Discussed in this episode:

  • New online meeting applications
  • Microsites
  • Are digital events less work?
  • Breakout rooms, live feed & pre-recorded segments
  • What will become of digital meetings post COVID?
  • A one-way valve
  • How is networking changing?
  • Paid digital events, virtual trade-show
  • Digital event professional tips and tricks
    • Myths and truths
    • Virtual green room
    • Think value, not duration
  • Hybrid events

Key Learning: 

Preparation is vital to hosting a successful digital event that delivers real value. No matter what size the event is, onboarding your speakers is key so they have the proper tech setup, and feel confident using the software so they are able to connect with the audience. 

Guido also played a very important role in The Friendship Project as part of the group - Greg & The Optimists.


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